Saturday, February 9, 2008

Really Big Numbers

Hey guys, I'm sick so to make me feel better, we're going to play a game. You can count how many times I say "big," "number(s)," "90," and any synonym of "amazing" and I'll have fun writing things like 90, that's an awesomely big number.

Haven't really talked about the main event which is coming in, oh let me count, (90-77) days! So you're going to get a crash description of DECaF starting...(90-90) minutes...aka now.

90 companies. That's right. It's big, it's awesome and yes, I'm going to say it, it dominates. We have industry folks coming from all aspects of engineering, from Apple, Viasat, BAE Systems to Boston Scientific and Pfizer! Each and every one of these 90 companies is unbelievably excited about meeting our engineering students and recruiting from an extremely talented group of students. I remember when we pitched DECaF to companies who came for the Career Services-hosted Winter Job Fair, recruiters were continually impressed by the quality and capability of students who had gone through previous internship programs. We are definitely going to keep that fantastic tradition and confirm to industry that the Jacobs School engineering student body is one of the best around! Not only that, we have close to half of the engineering school in attendance, not to mention all 16 engineering organizations working together to help make sure the event runs smoothly! We're talking 2,000 students in and out of the Price Center Ballrooms within the space of a couple of hours. Plus 90 companies. Did I mention that those are really big numbers?

While DECaF is running, we will also be operating a Prep Room where students can do some last minute editing of their resumes with a Career Center Peer Resume Adviser in attendance. We want this to help students make any necessary revisions to their resume so they are more prepared for the career fair. We are also providing laptops, printers and resume paper for the students.

This year, we're also giving back to the volunteers who help make DECaF happen by inviting them to an exclusive post-DECaF mixer at the Faculty Club where they will have the opportunity to speak to industry representatives in a more casual and intimate environment. This is going to be awesome and exciting! We're bringing in a live jazz band! Check them out at Plus, we're talking about some nice Faculty Club appetizers and desserts. Think classy and stylish, not your average run of the mill mixer. Over 70 recruiters have signed up for this event so volunteers will essentially be speaking to them one to one! That's a pretty good ratio...scratch that, it's a magnificent ratio.

So guys, let's give a round of applause to the DECaF Chairs: Sammy, Habib, and Scott who made this happen. Our DECaF committee is also amazing and kudos to all! We still have two weeks to finalize and tweak details but things are looking great! Remember, 90 companies are coming! DECaF is going to be BIG, AMAZING, AND FANTASTIC!

Did you have fun counting? Because I sure had fun writing! Well here you have it folks!

The Disciplines of Engineering Career Fair
Friday, February 22, 2008
Price Center Ballrooms

Be There or Be Square.

Check out a video from last year's fair!

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