Thursday, February 14, 2008

Toast to eating less like a pig...

Don't lie, we all know you eat spinach artichoke dip with your fingers.
Be there or be square.

Extra Details: Liora Gutierrez, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at Revelle College is hosting this etiquette event for us and we'll be learning about industry-mixer style dining etiquette. These skills will be important for future networking events and will also help prepare students for the post DECaF volunteer mixer. Liroa will present for 20-30 minutes before we adjourn to the patio outside the Fung Auditorium for the mixer simulation. The patio is separated into 5 blocks so we'll be separating the participating faculty, staff, and students among them.

Set Up Timeline:
10:00am: Open room, open patio doors, move tables to outside patio, set up table for sign in, explain sign in procedures and nametags etc..
10:15-10:30am: Catering arrives to help set up on the tables, we'll set up drinks.
10:30am: Liora arrives. Organize handouts on sign in table, organize room, Set up a mic
10:50am: Students and faculty and staff start arriving, hand out nametags to faculty staff, make students sign in and take handouts and sit
11:00am: Brief Introduction and we begin!

See you all there!

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